Our client’s goals are our goals and our dedication to excellence is paramount.

Starting in 1985 as a 4-track studio for composer/producer Ernie Albert, ERXProductions has since been in business for several decades.  Today our control room centerpiece is a newly and immaculately restored SSL 4048 48 channel G+ console and our track count is, of course, unlimited.  The console is augmented by lots of classic analog outboard gear and a Pro Tools/Apogee HD system with far too many plug in processors to list.  You name it, we got ‘em and if we don’t and you need ‘em, we’ll get ‘em.

Sound Thinking

ERXProductions is a full service audio facility focused on the harmonious interaction between the sweet sound of analog recording and the precision and convenience of a modern digital workflow.  We believe that a creative space should be as much inspirational as it is stocked with modern and vintage gear. We are a culmination of both. The rooms have a warm and personalized feel and it's a space where one can sink deeply into the creative process.  Tweak a precision digital processor or grab a knob on a classic tube compressor or EQ.  Whatever your preference you will find elegant solutions to your audio needs.

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